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KS-ICM Intelligent Capacitor

Product description
KS-ICM Series Intelligent Capacitors is to meet customer requirements  of modular design, combined with our leading patent technologies of hybrid  switch, thyristor switch, coming out as a new generation of intelligent compensation device composed of the circuit breaker, intelligent monitoring for switching unit, reactor and capacitor. Compared with the traditional technology, it has more completely protection function, safety and reliability, small volume, convenient wiring, simple installation, could replace the traditional protection switch composed of a variety of dispersion devices, is easy for the dynamic adjustment of the power factor, applicable to 0.4 KV distribution network, capacitor compensation, harmonic suppression and dynamic compensation, static compensation capacitor compensation, improve power factor and power quality.
Model Definition
1. ICM series Intelligent capacitors adopts the leading patent technology of power storage technique in capacitors and zero-crossing trigger in advance, to ensure the lower switching current value, overcome the inrush current problem of the synchronous switch and the hybrid switch on the market, as well the poor reliability of fast burning lost of mechanical contacts, contacts adhesion, thyristor breakdown problem etc.
2. The world's only thyristor switch without transformer and high voltage electronic switch triggered, without inrush current breakover, no transformer trigger duty cycle, no zero blind area and breakdown problem of high voltage electronic switch.
3. Leading patent technology of control method, the breakover time of the thyristor can be made within milliseconds, is below one over ten of the thyristor breakover time of the exsited hybrid switch, to make it a super strong  overload capacity, specific models can load short circuit completely, without damaging the thyristor and switch.
4. Real-time monitoring of the phase current, temperature reactor and capacitor.
5. With class H insulation, low loss, filter reactor, filter out harmonic
6. Is made of thick film self-healing capacitors to ensure long-term reliability of work
7. Modular design, small size, wiring simple, maintenance is convenient.
8. Quick break, over current, lack of phase, overvoltage, undervoltage, over temperature protection
9. Record the failure information convenient fault diagnosis
10. The RS - 485 communication, remote monitoring.
Industrial electronic components, strong anti-interference photoelectric isolating circuit, ensure the long-term  
operation reliability in harsh industrial environment.
(note: the above * mark product features specific models is different, the product specification shall prevail.)
Relevant Parameters 
◆ Altitude:≤2500m
◆ temperature:-20℃~+45℃
◆ Environmental requirements:no harmful gases, no electrical conductivity or explosive dust, no violent mechanical vibration.
◆ Capacitor capacity attenuation:≤1% / year 
◆ Life:≥ 1 million times
◆ Circuit power consumption:≤3W
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