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KS-ID series Intelligent DC switch
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KS-ID series Intelligent DC switch

Product description
The KS-ID series products are multi-pole intelligent DC switches which combine magnetic latching relay and intelligent electronic arc extinguishing system, and can realize no arc or micro arc breaking of relay. It has the advantages of low loss and long electrical life, and is suitable for load control in charging pile, photovoltaic, wind energy, energy storage, DC screen and other occasions. It is a new intelligent DC switch with environmental protection.  
Model Definition
1. It adopts the industry-leading core patent technology, which has the advantages of fast arc extinguishing speed, good overload capability, and effective suppression of breaking overvoltage, etc.
2. Adaptive arc extinguishing technology, automatically adjust arc extinguishing time.
3. The microprocessor monitors the arcing condition of the switch in real time.  
4. Magnetic latching mechanical switch holds the state without driving power consumption, and normal opening and normal closing are optional.
5. Electrical life detection and operation times recording.
6. Current detection function and overcurrent protection. 
Notes: Items No. 5 and 6 are optional.
Working conditions
Ambient temperature: -25°C~+55°C
Circuit power consumption: ≤1VA
Contact voltage drop:≤0.1V
Relative humidity:20%~90% at 40°C 
Every On/off interval: ≥1s 
Two consecutive turn-on intervals: ≥3s
Service life:300 thousand times
Protection functions
Single chip microcomputer is used to control switching and intelligently monitor the operation status of thyristor and load, with the following protection functions:
1. Voltage fault and lack phase protection
2. Self-diagnosis fault protection
3. No-load protection
4. Power failure protection
5. Locking protection (after thyristor is put into operation, magnetic latching relay is allowed to be put into operation)
Magnetic latching relay is used in KS-ID series intelligent DC switches. If there is a strong impact during transportation, the contacts may be closed and the switches will be on. In this case, turn on the power input of the switch, wait for 10 seconds before cutting off the power, and the switch will automatically return to the "OFF" state.
Wiring diagram

Installation size (unit: mm)


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