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KS-IAST3X3 AC intelligent no-arc switch
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KS-IAST3X3 AC intelligent no-arc switch

Product description


The KS-IAST3X3 series AC intelligent no-arc switch is a new type of switch combining no-arc devices, mechanical contacts and intelligent control unit, realize no arc and no overvoltage breaking operation when the switching current crosses zero and with current detection function. Further, it realizes ultra-long electrical life and safety protection. The switch is suitable for switching loads such as motors, resistors, heating wires and lamps, and is a new type of environment-friendly low-voltage switch.

Model Definition


1. The KS-IAST3X3 series AC intelligent no-arc switch adopts the industry-leading patented trigger technology, which ensures the high stability of the products. 

2. The working conduction time of the no-arc device is not greater than one cycle, which has extremely high tolerance of instantaneous load fault impulse current and greatly reduces the failure probability of the switch. 

3. No-arc breaking. Over-current and lack-phase protection/each phase is independent (protection value can be set by terminal equipment), independent control and remote control (via 485). Working state feedback/terminal equipment display feedback. 4. Small size, which is which is beneficial to improve installation density, save cabinet space and simplify control wiring.

Wiring Diagram

Ambient temperature:-45℃~+55℃ 

Electrical life: 16A/10 million times, 20A/8 million times, 33A/1 million times. 


1. The main loop of this product is NOT applicable to DC situations.

2. This product cannot be used as an isolating switch. 3. When the product is not connected with a load, the voltage at the output end of the product is normal because the no-arc device has the property of solid state relay.

Package Mechanical Data (unit: mm)

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