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VDC High-voltage DC Relay (Contactor)
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VDC High-voltage DC Relay (Contactor)

Product description



The VDC high-voltage DC relay  is a new generation of relay developed by Kingser, especially for the field of new energy such as hybrid vehicles, full battery electric vehicles, fuel cell cars and vehicle charging systems. Compared with the traditional relays, it uses the air convection type contact switch structure and high performance magnetic blow-out system, eliminating the risks of the operation failure caused by gas leakage and gas 
expansion and explosion in arc extinguishing chamber caused by the strong arc. It carries 250 A continuous operating current and 7 KA safe short-circuit current carrying capacity, with the advantages of large contact gap, fast breaking speed and quick electric arc extinguishing.



1. DC high-voltage high current applications.
2. Main contactor for the hybrid, full battery electric vehicles, fuel-cell cars (HEV/PHEV/BEV/FCV).
3. DC control systems such as battery charging systems.




1. Compact high-voltage relay
2. Air convection type contact switch structure 
3. Can be installed in any direction
4. Temperature-durable, strong magnetic blow-out system 
5. High spring pressure anti-adhesion electromagnetic structure 
6. Arc durable silver contacts

Coil Data


Rated Voltage


Max.operate Voltage


Min.pull-in Voltage


Min Holding Voltage


Rated Operate Current


Rated Power


12 16 9 8 0.4 5
24 32 19 16 0.2 5
Performance parameters
Item Parameter
Rated Voltage 450VDC,800VDC*,1200VDC*
Max Operating Voltage 500VDC,1500VDC*
Rated Current 250A
Limiting short-circuit current 85℃ 450A/5min,  650A/1min, 7000A/20ms
Limiting break current ( forward ) resistive load 23℃ 400VDC
once * 2000A, 3000 times * 200A, 15000 times * 100A

Limiting break current ( reverse) resistive load 23℃ 400VDC

20 times * 200A, 5000 times * 100A

Contact resistance <30MΩ
Contact voltage drop at 100A <40mV 
Operate/release time max. <30ms
Max.on-off time (excluding bouncing time) <50ms
Withstand voltage
Between contacts 2500 VAC 1min (detection current:10mA)
Between contact and coil 2500 VAC 1min (detection current:10mA)
Insulation resistance
Between contacts Above 100MΩ (test voltage:500V/DC)  
Between contact and coil Above 100MΩ (test voltage:500V/DC) 
Vibration resistance
Misoperation vibration
10Hz ~ 200Hz, acceleration: 43m/s2 {4.4G} constant (detection time: 10 μs)
Durable vibration
10Hz ~ 200Hz, acceleration: 43m/s2 {4.4G} constant front, back, left, down 4 hours each 
Shock resistance
Misoperation vibration
When ON: 196m/s2, above {20G} (sine half-wave pulse: 11ms, detection time : 10μs);
When OFF: 98m/s2, above {10G} (sine half-wave pulse: 11ms, detection time : 10μs)
Durable vibration
Above 490m/s2,  above {50G} (sine half-wave pulse: 6ms)
Mechanical endurance >200000 times (on-off frequency: 60 times/min )
Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Ambient humidity 5%RH ~ 85%RH / with no icing or condensation
Degree of protection IP54

* Can be used in conjunction with KS-AAE or KS-AMU for electronic arc extinguishing.


Reference Data


The red curve shows the electric life of the product used in conjunction with KS-AAE device or KS-AMU.

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