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KS-N(L)SR No(Low) Blind Area Solid State Relay
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KS-N(L)SR No(Low) Blind Area Solid State Relay

Product description
KS-N(L)SR series of products adopt global leading patented low (no) blind area driving technology of Kingser. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional optocoupler such as slow response speed, low zero-crossing accuracy, poor reliability and large driving blind area, eliminates the pulse interference and harmonic pollution caused by driving blind areas. It's an extremely environmental friendly “green” product.
Product Code
Main feature
1. Patented no (low) blind area driving technology
2. Patented low thermal resistance structure
3. High power density
4. Power and control output LED display
5. Built-in over-voltage protection
Electrical Data
Control voltage 5-24V/DC
Control current 5-20mA
Reliable cut-off control voltage < 0.8V
Output on voltage drop ≤2V(Peak Value)
Turn off time ≤10ms
Operate time ≤10ms(zero-crossing)/< 0.1ms(non-zero crossing)
Leakage current < 5mA
Max. blind area voltage < double on-state voltage (low blind area )
Dielectric strength 2500VRMS
Operation ambient temperature

-35℃ ~ +80℃


Wiring Diagram

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