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KS-N(L)BD Thyristor Drive Device
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KS-N(L)BD Thyristor Drive Device

Product description
The N(L)BD series products are developed to solve such problems as driving blind area and high-frequency interference in thyristor triggering, easily damage of  high-voltage electronic switches, and large power consumption, large size and low performance-price ratio of pulse transformers. It is used to replace high-voltage electronic switches (3080 etc.) and pulse transformer driven thyristors, with the characteristics of high performance-price ratio, high reliability, small size, low energy consumption, no (low) driving blind area and no high-frequency interference etc.
Model Definition
Note: ① and ② indicate that the parameters can be blank; when ② is blank, P2 and P4 should input working current of 0 .1 mA- 20 mA (AC or DC. When use DC power supply and drive the unidirectional thyristor (silicon controlled rectifier), P4 is "+" relative to P2; when use DC power supply and drive the bidirectional thyristor, P4 is "-" relative to P2). 
Pin Definition Diagram
Wiring Diagram
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