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KS-NRM Micro Hybrid Contactor
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KS-NRM Micro Hybrid Contactor

Product description
The NRM series of micro hybrid contactor (relay change unnecessary) is a kind of product featuring by no arc or tiny arc, ultra-long electrical life, small size, cost-effective and strong current and voltage breaking capacity. It is developed to solve the shortages of existing electrical appliances, such as short electrical life and low current and voltage breaking capacity of relays, as well as large size, large drive power consumption and short operating life of contactors. This contactor is composed of a relay and a no-arc device. It is suitable for switching low-voltage electric heating elements, lights, motors, inductors, inverters, switching power supplies, resistors and other loads. It is a new type of “green” switch.
1, Small size, light weight.
2, The current breaks when crossing zero, without generating over-voltage.
3, The completely independent intellectual property rights of patented technology enable you to have the technical advantage of the short arc extinguishing time.
4, The electrical life of the product is 10-1000 times longer than common relays and contactors, improving the system reliability and greatly reducing the maintenance.
5, The built-in mechanical switch is welded. Compared with the plug-in structure, the line loss reduces by 50% or more and the withstanding surge current is larger.
Model and Selection Table
Schematic Diagram
No-arc Device:
In the breaking process of mechanical switch, the no-arc device is conducted instantaneously when there is a certain potential difference on both ends of mechanical contacts, and the current is bypassed through the no-arc devices, realizing the purpose of no-arc breaking.
Active Arc Extinguisher:
AAE is connected with the load in parallel, in the moment SW breaking, the AAE detects arcing or approaching arcing, then it puts out a high energy pulse signal to the load. It cause that the voltage on both ends of SW is lower than arcing voltage, so as to extinguish the arc .
Wiring Diagram
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