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KS-EM3 Intelligent Arc Extinguisher

Product description
KS-EM3 is a arc extinguishing device collection of intelligent control technology and power electronics applications . It's a kind of revolutionary product, with the most leading technology in the world, the shortest arc extinguinishing time and the best overload ability compared with the same capacity power device. It adopts the patent circuit /current double feedback and high speed arc suppressing technologies, the current go through the bypass circuit at contacts touch and off instant, to achieve the no arc operation for switch.
Application And Features
KS-EM3 series Intelligent Arc Suppressor apply to refitting all kinds of existing mechanical switches, such as AC contactor, relay, circuit breaker, etc, to be high breaking capacity no arc switch, to improve electrical operate life up to one to two orders of magnitude,  Approximately equal to the mechanical endurance life , reduce the cost of maintenance, material and labors, greatly reduce the contact resistance, energy consumption, temperature rise, to overcome the contact adhesion , good explosion-proof, It's a kind of environmental protection product with a remarkable social and economic worth.
Function: arc suppressing at closing and breaking, open phase protection, power Indicator, The module status display, self-diagnostics
Model Definition
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