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KS-AAE Active Arc Extinguisher
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KS-AAE Active Arc Extinguisher

Product description
AAE is an active electronic arc extinguisher. It was developed by Kingser to meet the need of arc extinguishing in mechanical switches such as relays, breakers,  button switches . It inhibits arcing or decreases arcing time, it can greatly increase the electrical operation life (10-1000 times) of the mechanical switch, it improves the current breaking ability and rated operation voltage of the mechanical switch, it greatly reduces the maintenance, it can be used for new energy vehicles, rail transit, vessels and fields of automation control. It’s a safe and green product.
Product Code
Note: the models with rated voltage over 2000V need to be customized.
1. Small size
2. High cost effective
3. No quiescent power dissipation
4. Parallel connection with the load does not affect the insulation and withstand voltage of the mechanical switch.
Operation Principle
AAE is connected with the load in parallel, in the moment SW breaking, the AAE detects arcing or approaching arcing, then it puts out a high energy pulse signal to the load. It cause that the voltage on both ends of SW is lower than arcing voltage, so as to extinguish the arc .
Typical Application 
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