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KS-TH Intelligent Thyristor Regulator for Temperature Control
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KS-TH Intelligent Thyristor Regulator for Temperature Control

Product description
KS-TH series intelligent thyristor regulator[ITR]is widely used in the electric heating system as intelligent control device. ITR adopt (our company's) Kingser's patent of the strong triggering technology, It has the advantages of high linearity, high reliability and high power density and so on. It is given by temperature control instrument or other equipment output 4-20mA/PWM automatic signal or manual signal, produce two kinds of output of across-zero cycle (PWM) & across-zero frequency(CYC). We can control the output power by adjusting the conductive cycle in unit time to achieve automatic adjustment in the heating system.
1. ITR has high resolution, small temperature fluctuation, and continuously adjustable characteristics, is a new kind of  temperature control device.
2. Less noise.Less radiation.
3. Super long lifetime
4. Low interference for long-distance transmission and Small transient surge current.
5. ITR has Intelligent temperature control and the overheat protection.Electric fan start temperature : 55℃±2℃,protect-temp:70℃±5℃.
6. Sine wave voltage cross zero at touch, current cross zero shut off, output the intact sine wave.
Model definition
Relevant Parameters
◆ Main voltage: 110V/220V/380V/660V 50/60Hz   
◆ Rated current: 60A/90A/110A/160A/200A/300A/400/500A                 
◆ Power regulation range: 0 ~ 100%85℃           
◆ Single resolution: 1%
◆ Input signal: 4-20mA/PVM                                         
◆ Output mode: CYC/PVM
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