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KS-U Hybrid Contator

Product description
KS-U series of no-arc contactor is a new generation of AC contactor of Kingser with a number of patented technology adopted, can withstand more than 3000A prospective short-circuit current, eight times of the rated current making and breaking, achieve AC3 make-break capacity, can achieve the no arc, no surge, no over-voltage make-break operation of the contactor on the load, the electrical life is dozens of times of the normal AC contactor, vacuum contactor, long-term work reliability is better than SCS, it is a high-tech energy-saving environmentally friendly power products.
Model definition
KS-U series of hybrid no-arc AC contactor is particularly suitable for the power system of low-voltage AC 50 / 60Hz, rated working voltage up to 660V, rated current up to 200A, for the motor, heating pipe, power factor compensation capacitor load switching application, is the ideal replacement products to replace the ordinary AC contactor, capacitive contactor, SCS and hybrid switch.
1. According to European and American electrical standards, export-oriented design, high-performance indicators.
2. Real-time sampling circuit, arc suppression module working conduction time is shortest, is less then half wave in theory, the silicon wafer power utilization is high, no heat, good reliability.
3. Contact use bridge structure, better breaking-capacity, higher operating frequency and longer electrical lifetime compared with the existing products of relays and single-pole structure hybrid switch.
4. Electronic arc extinguishing, no arc, good explosion-proof performance, no burning of electrical contact, low and reliable contact resistance, super long electrical life.
5. Voltage zero-crossing closing, current zero-crossing breaking; no surge current, no operation over-voltage, zero power harmonic pollution.
6. Unique pulse transistor start circuit, DC coil, super-long start lifetime, combined with advantages of high operating frequency, high reliability and ultra-low maintenance power consumption of the ordinary electromagnetic AC coil.
7. Integrated with time relay timing function, can realize timing start and timing break. 
8. Integrated with constant pressure start, under-voltage release, over-current breaking, lack phase protection and other functions, can provide effective protection for different types of load.
9. Cover is removable, is easy to check the use of the main contact.
10. The shell is made of high quality thermosetting material.  High mechanical strength, excellent high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance and electrical performance.
(Note: The product features are slightly different based on specific models )
Operating Principle
In the making and breaking instantaneous of the circuit, the load current is still undertake by the main contact, thus achieving the no arc making and breaking of the contactor. The working principle is shown below:
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