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KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch
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KS-T Intelligent Thyristor Switch

Product description
KS-T series of intelligent thyristor switch is the electric power compensation capacitor fast switching power devices, that is TSC dynamic switching switch, it's kingser’s self-developed product to overcome the problems existing in similar products like harmonic pollution and high frequency interference, the second slow input, poor reliability and etc, it's applicable to the rapid dynamic compensation of the power factor of the grid, the frequent switching ofcapacitor, resistance, heating element, motor and other components.
1. Low or no blind area drive technology, low or no harmonic pollution, low or no high frequency interference.
2. Using of high-speed SOC (SYSTEM ON CHIP) microprocessor, phase sequence control, lack-phase protection, full intelligent control circuit, comes with transient over-voltage protection circuit; optical isolation technology, high anti-interference ability, high EMC protection measures.
3. Using of invention patent high-speed energy-saving strong trigger technology, compared with other similar products on the market, it has the advantages: has a large trigger current, good linearity of thyristor conduction,control energy consumption is very low, under the condition of the load capacitor without any discharge, can also achieve that within 20ms, the three-phase output current phase difference does not exceed 120°, fast input
4. Full aluminum housing, thermally convective large radiator, intelligent temperature detection and thermostatic control system, in a very short fan working time can also ensure good heat dissipation performance, can greatly improve the working life of the fan, reducing the dust of the switch itself, and further reduce the energy consumption of the switch, the circuit adopts industrial-grade high temperature resistant high quality electronic components, high-quality power devices, circuit board has resin potting or insulating paint impregnation treatment, the circuit design life of more than 100000 hours.
Note: The above products in the specific model specifications will be different.
Model definition
Relevant Parameters 
◆ Operating temperature: -25℃ ~ +50℃               
◆ Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% no condensation                 
◆ Storage&transport temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 85℃
◆ Do not use in hazardous gas or other media environment where there is a risk of damage the line insulation orexplosion of the danger.
◆ The cabinet needs fans for ventitation and cooling.
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