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KS-F Intelligent Hybrid Switch
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KS-F Intelligent Hybrid Switch

Product description
KS-F series of intelligent hybrid switch represent the highest technical level among the similar products in the market currently, it combines the advantages of low energy consumption of mechanical contact and no produced arc of operation of the solid-state relay, to achieve the relay closing and breaking in no arc manner or zero-crossing connection, combines the advantages of the magnetic latching relay and thyristor together, when switching capacitor to ensure that the voltage zero-crossing closing and the current zero-crossing breaking; When the switch is on and off, little inrush current, no over-voltage, no burning of the contacts; During the running, small voltage drop, low energy consumption, no harmonic. It apply to switching of capacitor, heating element, lamp, motor, resistor and the like loads of low voltage reactive power compensation, is a kind of new intelligent environmental-friendly switch.
Model Definition
1. Very low power consumption: it use magnetic latching relay, which consume only a little power at the switching moment, no power consumption in normal working state; And due to the small contact resistance of the magnetic latching relay, so it's unheated, no need additional radiator, reduce the cost, avoids the thyristor burning , really achieved the purpose of energy saving.
2. High Reliability: compared to similar switches in the market, it adopts patent of control technologies to ensure no contacts adhesion or breakdown due to the inaccurate zero-crossing detection of the mechanical switches and thyristors, greatly improve the reliability.
3. Compared to similar switches in the market, it adopts the patent technologies of voltage (current) feedback & capacitor store energy trigger technology, the thyristor conduction time reaches minimum in theory, less than half cycle, it’s also the hybrid switch with the shortest conduction time required for thyristor in the kind of the switches in the world, has a very high tolerance to instantaneous load fault impulse current, greatly similar reducing the probability of failure of the switch.
Protection Functions
It's controlled by single chip microcomputer for intelligent monitoring of the thyristor as well as the operation condition of the load, has the following protection function:
1. Voltage fault and phase failure protection
2. Power supply voltage phase loss protection
3. Fault self-diagnosis protection
4. No load protection
5. Power Failure Protection
6. Blocking Protection
(The Magnetic latching relay is not allowed to colse only after thysitor closed)
*Different models have different protection functions
Relevant Parameters 
◆ Temperature:  -25℃+45℃
◆ Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
◆ Circuit Power Consumption: ≤1VA     
◆ Voltage Drop across contacts: ≤0.1V  
◆ Relative Humidity: 20%~90% [ 40℃]
◆ Rated Voltage: 450V/250V AC
◆ Control signal: 12V DC
◆ Service lifetime: 100.000 times /1,000.000 times
◆ Load Connection: Three phases (△ connection, inner connected method), Single phase ( Y connection) 
◆ Internal time required: One cycle of on and off: ≥1 second
◆ Withstand Voltage of Contacts: ≥1600V
◆ Internal time required: Interval between two consecutive connect: ≥10 seconds
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