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KS-F Intelligent Hybrid Switch
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KS-F Intelligent Hybrid Switch

Product description
The KS-F series intelligent hybrid switch combines the advantages of low energy consumption of mechanical contact and no operating arc of solid state relay, realizes zero-crossing no inrush current switching and no arc breaking of relay, and ensures voltage zero-crossing input and current zero-crossing cutting when switching capacitor. When the switch is turned on and off, the inrush current is small, there is no overvoltage, and the contact is not sintered; Low voltage drop, low energy consumption and no harmonic generation in operation. The technology, performance and reliability of this product are at the leading level at home and abroad. It is suitable for the control of low-voltage reactive power compensation capacitors, heating wires, lamps, motors, resistors and other loads. It is a new intelligent low-voltage switch with green environmental protection.
Model Definition
1. Adopting the industry-leading core patent technology, the thyristor of KS-F series intelligent hybrid switch has a turn-on time less than one quarter of a cycle (typical value of 1 millisecond), and a break-off time less than half a cycle (typical value of 2 milliseconds). It has extremely high tolerance of instantaneous load fault impulse current, can effectively resist the load capacitor self-healing discharge current, greatly reduce the failure probability of the switch, and solve the problems of short electrical life, large turn-on inrush current, fast mechanical contact burning and adhesion existing in the synchronous switch in the market.
2. The unidirectional thyristor design has higher dv/dt and di/dt suppression ability compared with the traditional hybrid switch with bidirectional thyristor, which avoids thyristor breakdown caused by misleading.
3. Using the patented technology of capacitor energy storage zero-crossing trigger, it effectively avoids the problems of easy breakdown and misleading of high-voltage optocoupler and electromagnetic interference caused by trigger transformer.


Protection Functions

Single chip microcomputer is used to control switching and intelligently monitor the operation status of thyristor and load, with the following protection functions:
1. Voltage fault and lack phase protection
2. Self-diagnosis fault protection
3. No-load protection
4. Power failure protection
5. Locking protection (after thyristor is put into operation, magnetic latching relay is allowed to be put into operation)
Magnetic latching relay is used in KS-F series intelligent hybrid switches. If there is a strong impact during transportation, the contacts may be closed and the switches will be on. In this case, connect the three-phase input port of the switch to the 380V power supply, wait for 10 seconds before cutting off the power, and the switch will automatically return to the "OFF" state.
Relevant Parameters 
Ambient temperature: -25°C~+45°C  
Rated frequency: 50/60HZ
Circuit power consumption: ≤1VA  
Contact voltage drop:≤0.1V  
Relative humidity:20%~90% at 40°C  
Rated working voltage: 450V/250V AC
Phase number:
Three-phase (△ shape connection, angle inter-connection)
Single-phase (Y shape connection)
Every On/off interval: ≥1s  
Two consecutive turn-on interval: ≥10s  
Contact withstand voltage:≥1600V DC
Control signal: 12V DC
Service life:500 thousand times
Control capacity table 



Capacitance of control capacitor ( KVar)

Control other load capacitance ( KW/450V)

Three-  phase common control 

























Three-  phase individual control


























Note: the control voltage and current :6~16VDC and 5~20mA, and can be selected according to customer requirements.


Wiring diagram (Note: Reactors are selected as required, and capacitive loads can be other loads) 
Note: If there is a switch indicator, it must be installed between phase and phase.
 Installation size (unit: mm)
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