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KS-3SYN Synchronous Switch

Product description
KS-3SYN series synchronous switch is a kind of high-performance synchronous switch which is developed to overcome the low precision of the zero-crossing switching, poor reliability of the synchronous switch in the existing market, it adopts the patent technologies of Kingser, which features: high precision of switching, high reliability, long electrical lifetime, small inrush current and no overvoltage of the switch making and breaking, no burning of the contact; small voltage drop during the running, low energy consumption, no harmonic produced, the technology performance and reliability are all taking the lead in China and the world as well, which applies to switching of low-voltage reactive power compensation capacitors, electric heating element, lights, motors, inductors, resistors and other load, is a new intelligent environment-friendly low voltage switch.
Model Definition
1. KS-3SYN series of intelligent synchronous switch using the industry's leading independent patent for invention technology, the switching precision is not affected from the current value, harmonics, to ensure a lower current making value, to overcome the problems of the Synchronous switch exist in the market, like there is a large inrush making current, mechanical contact burning easily, adhesion, poor reliability and etc.                   
2. Full photoelectric isolation design, strong anti-interference force.
3. High-speed SOC microcontroller, industrial-class electronic components, electrical life is longer than 100,000 hours.
Protection Functions
The use of microcontroller intelligent control switching and monitor the operating status of the switch contacts, with protection:
1. Voltage fault and phase failure protection
2. Self-diagnosis fault protection
3. No-load protection
4. Power failure protection latch-up protection
Relevant Parameters 
◆ Environmental Temperature: -25 ℃+45 ℃
◆ Rated frequency: 50 / 60HZ
◆ Circuit power consumption: ≤ 1W
◆ Contact voltage drop: ≤0.1V
◆ Relative humidity: 40 ℃, 20% to 90%
◆ Rated working voltage: 450V / 250V AC
◆ Number of phases: three-phase (triangle external connected, triangle innner connected), single-phase (Y-connected)
◆ Making and Breaking Interval: ≥ 1 second
◆ Control Signal: 12V DC
◆ Lifetime: 50,000~300,000 times
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