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General manager Guo Qiaoshi gave a lecture and made technical exchanges at AICAF

General manager Guo Qiaoshi gave a lecture and made technical exchanges at AICAF

On October 27, the French Association of Chinese Automobile Engineers (AICAF), the French Association of Overseas Student Entrepreneurs (ACCE) and UCE CF jointly held the second " Auto Electrification and Intelligence Series Lecture" in Hotel Mercure Paris 15 Portie de Versailles, 6 Rue Saint Lambert, 75015, Paris.
Concerns about greenhouse gases and pollution are driving changes in the way cars are driven throughout the industry. Laws and regulations on fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions have led to a more efficient shift from vehicle manufacturing to engine production. By 2025, one-tenth of the vehicles sold will be equipped with electric engines, and at present the proportion is less than 5 %, which means that most of the vehicle's power engines will be at least hybrid by then.
On the one hand, from national to enterprise, all of them have included the intelligent network car in the top development plan. From Tesla Auto Pilot to the world's first Audi A8L to reach the L3 level of automatic driving, to Way Mo, which is about to test water commercial unmanned Taxi in Phoenix, unmanned driving is driving out of science fiction and movies, getting closer and closer to our real life.
In line with the original intention of technical exchange and popularization of automobile knowledge, the French Association of Chinese Automobile Engineers focused its lectures on the four themes of " Application of Electric Motors in Hybrid Power Systems", " Electric Arc Management of Automobile", " Lithium Batteries, Lithium Batteries Management and Their Applications" and " Sensors in Automatic Driving Systems".
First, organizer Wang Xufei introduced the general situation of the association and the lecture.
1.Solutions of Electric Arc Management of NEV
Speaker: Guo Qiaoshi Founder of Kingser Electronics
Founded in 2007, Guangzhou Kingser Electronics Co., Ltd. is a key unit of the Guangzhou administrative protection of intellectual property, with more than 20 basic invention patents and more than 30 utility model After more than 20 years of intensive research in the field of electronic arc extinguishing, our technical level is in the leading position in the world. The lecture introduces the solutions of electric arc management of NEV.
2.Application of Electric Motors in Hybrid Power Systems
Speaker: Yang Nanfang
Master's degree from Northwest University of Technology in 2012. Doctor of Technology, Mon Beria University, Belfo, France in 2016. At present, he is working for VALEO Electrical System Research and Development Department, and engaged in the control algorithm of motors in low-voltage hybrid systems. This lecture introduces the selection and comparison of motors and the design of related control functions in the basic structure of the current low-voltage hybrid power system.
3.Lithium Batteries, Lithium Batteries Management and Their Applications
Speaker: Tang Yunfeng
Graduated from Polytech Paris UPMC Institute of Engineers in 2015. After graduation, he was engaged in the research and development of lithium battery management system in the start-up company Power Tech Systems. This lecture introduces the basic knowledge, classification, management system and application of lithium batteries.
4. Sensors in Automatic Driving Systems
Speaker: Li You
Head of L4 Automatic Driving Perception System at Renault Group Research Institute. This lecture focuses on various sensing and positioning sensors in the automatic driving system. From global satellite positioning system and inertial navigation to cameras and lidars, especially the current hot solid-state lidar, its principle, performance and development trends.
At last, the organizer took photos with the guests. 
After the lecture, at Le Granite, 19 Rue Durant on, 75015 Paris in Rose Rock, some participants raised their glasses and had a warm exchange with the guests.
Looking forward to meeting again next time.