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Typical Application Circuit of AMU

Typical Application Circuit of AMU

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AMU (Arc Management Unit) intelligent active electronic arc management unit is designed for arc detection, arc extinguishing (suppression), protection, fault information recording during the breaking and closing of the parts such as switches, connectors, fuses and conductors. It ensures the electrical life of the relays to survive the service life of the mechanical switches, eliminates the risk of spontaneous combustion caused by the arc, and improves the reliability and safety of systems.
Main Functions
Arc extinguishing during the closing (breaking) of the mechanical switches    
Precharging loads (optional) 
SW:Power electronic switch group        
CAP:Energy storage capacitor
CAN:Communication module (optional)
DC/DC:Power supply module
Operation Principle
SW outputs an energy pulse with extremely high rising rate to load (LD1----) according to the voltage change rate of load (LD1----) at the moment of mechanical switch (S1----) breaking, so that the voltage at two ends of the contact of mechanical switch (S1---) is not greater than the arcing voltage, thus achieving the purposes of preventing contact burn-out and adhesion, and improving the electrical life of the relay.
Note: If the mechanical switch (S1----) is a relay, the control signal of the relay may be connected to the AMU, or the control signal of the relay may be provided by the AMU.