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Kingser Exhibit The World’s First No-Arc Device On 18th CHTF

Kingser Exhibit The World’s First No-Arc Device On 18th CHTF

On 16th, Nov., the 18th CHTF was solemnly opened in Shenzhen. The theme of this CHTF is “Innovation drive, quality lead”, further demonstrate the great achievement of our innovation-driven development and innovative national construction. On this CHTF, Kingser’s own patent no-arc devices attracting extensive attention among the national and international customers.
Kingser has been focused on no-arc technologies and related products research & development during the recent decades, being the world’s leading in the no-arc technologies field. This time we showed our own patent product- the global’s first no-arc device, which could realize the no-arc breaking of the switches, improve the electrical lifetime up to 10~100 times.
Recently, the arc suppressing development has almost no big progress before our no-arc device came out, mainly depends on the mechanical arc suppressing, big volume, high cost. Kingser’s KS no-arc device is the only one could be Instrumented, miniaturization. It’s a revolutionary product.