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What Is No-arc Device

What Is No-arc Device

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In 2016, Guangzhou Kingser Electronics Co., Ltd invented the world's first no-arc device (The Semiconductor No-arc Device), it belongs to the category of power semiconductor devices. It is used to connect with mechanical contacts in parallel to achieve the purpose of no arc breaking of the mechanical contacts.
Working principle:


At the same time when the mechanical contact breaks, the no arc device conduct, make the breaking instantaneous  voltage is less than the arc voltage (less than 12v), the no arc device fast cut off after the mechanical contact breaks, to achieve the purpose of no arc breaking of the mechanical contact.
Compared with the traditional RC and voltage dependent device
RC circuit:
At the moment that the mechanical contact breaks, by using the resistance charging the capacitor to reduce the arc. Because the capacitance of the capacitor is limited, and there is a voltage drop at the resistance, the arc suppressing effect is poor, the leak current is big, only suitable for the arc suppressing of the small current.
Voltage dependent device:
It is used for clamping function when the mechanical contact breaks, generate a breakdown voltage bigger than the voltage of voltage dependent device, used for the absorption of the inductive load breaking over voltage, the effect of the mechanical contacts arc suppressing is not obvious.
From the above, the RC circuit and the voltage dependent device can't control the voltage across the mechanical contacts below the arc voltage at the moment of the mechanical contacts breaks, can't function as arc suppressing for mechanical switches breaks.
RC absorbing circuit, voltage dependent device absorb arc energy directly produced by the mechanical mechanical switch when it breaks, the current passed is small. No arc device almost don't absorb the breaking arc energy of the mechanical switches, it bypass the mechanical switches, the current energy is bear by the load, can pass the very big current, the arc suppressing effect is very remarkable.
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