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Guangzhou Kingser Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a Chinese national Hi-Tech-Enterprise, which is committed in research of arc electronic extinguishing solutions for mechanical switches, with world's leading patented technology.
We have developed four main groups of products: the no-arc electronic switch, the dynamic drive device , thyristor drive device and no-arc semiconductor device, of which the electronic no-arc devices, DC relay(contactor), the thyristor switches and some related reactive power compensation components are world's leading. Kingser products and technologies can widely be used in the field of electric power circuits, automatic controls, new energy vehicles , vessels, rail transit, aviation etc.
In October 2016, Kingser developed the semiconductor no-arc device with tiny size and perfect performance. It marked a milestone of electronic arc extinguishing technology.
In February 2017, Kingser developed the no driving blind area thyristor drive device. It can greatly reduce (or eliminate) the driving-blind-area and harmonic pollution caused by the traditional thyristor drive technology.
In the same year, the DDS(T) series of dynamic drive devices integrating thyristor and driving function were introduced, which solved the problems of harmonics and inconvenience in thyristor triggering.
In November 2017, we developed the active electronic arc extinguishing device, to meet the arc extinguishing requirements of high-voltage and high-current DC relays (contactors).
We further developed the VDC high-voltage DC relay (contactor) in 2018, which uses the air convection type contact switch structure and high performance magnetic blow-out system. It's applicable to the field of new energy such as hybrid vehicles, full battery electric vehicles, fuel cell cars and vehicle charging systems.
Kingser have created the unique electronic arc extinguishing  technology and power device driver technology in the last decade. We will continue the innovations and share the technological achievements with you.